Data Management & AI Solutions

Voku builds, tests, and deploys machine learning pipelines, information management systems (IMS), and data acquisition tools for small and mid-sized businesses.

Transform the way your business stores and analyzes data. Contact us for a 100% free consultation.

Our Solutions

Every business is different, we work closely with our clients to ensure their specific needs are met.

Data Mining

Acquiring, processing and extracting insights from your pre-existing business data has never been easier with Voku. We custom build secure, efficient tools to help you maximize the profit potential of your data.

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Timeseries Analysis

Analyze your business' SKU data, sales data, sensor readings, events, and clicks using Voku's powerful timeseries models. Better your business by uncovering cyclical trends and predict future behaviour trends with Voku.

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Machine Learning

Easily train, finetune, and deploy any state-of-the-art models through Voku. Give us an objective and we will build and deploy the best solution available, integrating seamlessly with the core of your business.

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Information Management

Instead of settling on an inferior out-of-the-box IMS Voku can seamlessly integrate a custom solution that suits the fundamentals of your business. Ensure security, data integrity and 99.9% availability with Voku.

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Computer Vision

Utilize our prefab vision API's to quickly and cheaply do object recognition for images and videos. Contact us to learn about our real-time video ingestion, perfect for foot-traffic analysis, customer tracking, and property surveillance.

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Web Tracking

Track user metrics, target specific geographic areas for A/B testing, and be aware of the path users take as they navigate through your website by using Voku. We integrate seamlessly with your server-side backend and offer middleware for the most popular web frameworks.

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